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Edinburgh Weekend Away

Published February 24, 2017 by theycallmemrstibbs

Yes that’s right we went travelling again just for a weekend away. We were already going to Edinburgh for a family wedding, so we thought let’s make it a long weekend away. 

Obviously we flew into Edinburgh airport. To get to the city centre we had to get the tram, which was an adventure in itself. 

There were some very nice things we could see from the tram but the one thing we were looking forward to seeing was Murrayfield, home of Scottish rugby. 

When we got off the tram we were a wee bit early to check into the hotel. So we dropped our bag off at the hotel until check in time. 

Then we went on a wander around Edinburgh, well Princes Street, to see what we’d come across. 

After a little walk we saw these door handles. They took my breath away. 

You can probably see why. 

We then saw the best views over the Princes Street Gardens. 

After this we decided we could check in at the hotel and then go for lunch at Pizzahut for my Valentine’s day gift. 

Needless to say it was great. We then went back to the hotel for a rest. 

In the evening we went to visit Christopher’s family at their hotel. 

When we decided to walk back to the hotel, we then heard an Irish band playing at a bar. As usual when I hear music I want to go  and listen. And dance.  

Definitely woke up a lot just by dancing around and singing the songs I knew. It got to 10pm and the band finished playing and we decided maybe we should go to bed due to the wedding the next day. 

There was a photobooth so they would have pictures of all the guests that were there. I like ours that we were serious, serious then cheeky. 

Our own selfie. 

Kerry and Donald cutting their wedding cake. We obviously got some that night.  

We had a great night there.  

The next day due to no hangover we took ourselves off for a walk down the Royal Mile to see what was happening  there. 

We saw this piper whilst getting  there he was really nice, he kept stopping and  chatting to people. 

We saw this lovely Marionette on the Royal Mile, she was dancing. 

We then saw this man sitting down with a saw, yes an actual saw, and a violin bow. This really intrigued me how would he could play it? But oh wow, it actually sounded great I recognised the music he was playing. 

Then there was this guy,  a cowboy,  who kept setting fire to things and saying  he was going to juggle them so we had to wait and watch. But he let them all burn  out because he was talking and talking and talking some more. Even after relighting them and climbing on to a big box then saying that he can’t juggle. By this point we’d lost interest and walked away. He might have done it but we didn’t care. 

As you can see we found a market to go to in a church, I was impressed because it was an alternative market. 

Overall we had a wonderful weekend in Edinburgh. 


My New Hair. 

Published February 7, 2017 by theycallmemrstibbs

As most of you are aware this is my usual hair length, but I decided as I’m going to Christopher’s cousins wedding next weekend I should get my hair cut.  

It took me a long time to decide on a length. Doing the whole this length?  Or this?  Or this?  

I decided I should have a few inches cut off. 

So I went to a different salon as my old one as they wouldn’t cut a lot off. 

I asked questions at Yes! As I had never been before but it spoke to me, that it was my kind of salon.  I told no appointment needed.  So I was  like  “Result” 

The big appointment day came round so I took myself off to them. When I got there I was told I’d have to wait for an hour. That was a bit scary.  I had nothing to read.  That was frustrating.  I got told if I went home to get my kindle I’d  lose my spot in the queue.  

So I sat there like a big  brave girl.  I was finally called up. 

The stylist took me to where I’d be sat.  She then took me for my hair washing and head massage. This was great. I’d read something about a hot towel treatment with the appointment. I was actually excited for this. She applied a conditioner to my hair and wrapped it in the towel. It was absolute bliss. After 3 minutes it was rinsed  off.  

I was taken to my chair,  dreading that they could comb my hair, that’s horrible with curls. Luckily the stylist had curls too so she found a hair brush.  

In regards to the hair cut I pointed to where it needed to be.  I asked for a layer to help it curl better.  After the cut she asked if I wanted it drying?  My response was as long as it’s not straight. She said “why would I do that”? A big phew from me. 

She asked me to flip my head forward so she could use a diffuser on my hair.  She put products in my hair,  a lot more than what I usually use.  

I left with my hair still slightly wet so it would dry naturally as well. 

The above picture is as I left the salon. 

Above is after my walk home.  

This was when I settled it myself.  I’m happy with the results. 


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