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Easter 2016

Published March 29, 2016 by theycallmemrstibbs

This year I was lucky, Christopher had to go for a blood test on Thursday so he took the day off of work.  So we actually got 5 days with each other.

So on the Thursday we went for a little walk to the clinic it took a while to walk there. It only took 5 minutes for the bloods to be taken as we were first there.

Once we had finished there we walked home and got tea which we hadn’t had before going.
Once that was done I had a lot to get done so I went and got the food shopping.
Boring I know but I wanted to get the rest of the food for over Easter.

Good Friday

Again it was a typical day to start off with. Then it progressively got better and better.
We decided to go for a walk to get me an Easter egg. We were going to go to Albert Heijn to get a Thornton’s one as they are only €4,

But we decided to go to Jamin. This is a candy shop which sells candy from all over the world.
We got there and

It was only €7.50 so I was like a kid at Christmas.
I walked home with a little skip in my step. I’d already bought Christopher his egg or rabbit.

After this we decided to go to the shops that sold PlayStation 3 games. I got Mortal Kombat vs DC Comics. Christopher got Fallout 3.

Holy Saturday

This was the day we got to go and watch Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. We like to go and see them on the weekend they are released. Then we have to keep quiet about it so we don’t give anything away.
We both liked it but it left us both asking questions.

Easter Sunday



We decided we would leave eating the Easter Eggs until this day. Between us we both only had a little bit of the eggs/bunnies.

Of course I went out on a little walk. When I got home Christopher was playing his game.

It didn’t walk for ages it was just too get some air.

We decided that we should watch a dvd. We watched the first 4 episodes of Better Call Saul. We both liked it.

Easter Monday

I still had to go food shopping in the morning but Christopher came with me.
We got home and the game went back on.
Do you notice that I still haven’t played my game by this point.

I tried playing my game but it wouldn’t work. So my next job was to take our bank and get a different game.

On the Tuesday after Easter I took the game back and explained it to the guy in the shop. He was happy for me to replace it.
I ended up getting Tekken 5. I paid an additional €2. When I got home I tested in straight away it worked.
I then spent the next hour drying after being soaked from the rain and of course playing my game.

I hope you all had a great Easter.


Another day in Rotterdam

Published March 21, 2016 by theycallmemrstibbs

Yes that’s right we found out after getting home that there is actually a church in Rotterdam that was the only one that didn’t get blown up in World War 2.






We were very impressed with it to say the least.

We decided we had to go for a walk to find the 230 flags that we had previously seen but didn’t take pictures.

I took the below one on our walk there.



I saw this wheel whilst taking pictures of the church.

On our wander around we saw this window print.


So of course we had to do this.


Here are some of the 230 flags.



We then went for another walk.







After our little walk we found a Pizza Hut! We were so shocked. It was nice but not as nice as the British or American one. I think we’ll stick to Dutch Domino’s.

I think it’s become a thing again of me putting lots of pictures on here.

My Homemade Monster

Published March 8, 2016 by theycallmemrstibbs

I received a gift from my friend Sam, this included a new scarf, a very nice lip balm and a felt craft kit to make a magnet.


Of course when I opened it I was like Eeeeeeeeee, cool, look what I can make.

So I opened it up.


These were the items inside the pack.


I started by glueing the mouth and teeth on the face.


I then stuck the white circles on for the eyes.


I thought I didn’t want her to be blind so I gave her pupils using buttons.


On the other section the body I added the little patch of green.


I then added the magnet to the back of the green patch.


Once I had done that I stitched the sides together using the blanket stitch.
Once this was done I filled it with the stuffing.



My monster now lives on the dishwasher.


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