Hopes for 2016

Published January 20, 2016 by theycallmemrstibbs

We all have hopes every New Year of what we would like to happen throughout the year.


I think I’m keeping mine simple.

I’ve got places I want to go to.
1) Rotterdam
2) Utrecht (I don’t know what’s there but it’s in this country)
3) maybe Delft

I’ve got places we need to go to. To visit friends from Pasadena.
1) Finland to see Essi, Mikko,Emmi and Milli.
2) Belgium to see Anna, Martin, Noah, Elliot and Lily
3) Glasgow to see Morgane and Matthieu

Things I want to do.
1) Go to the gym at least once a week,  once I start to feel settled it will be more than once.
2) Read plenty of new books for my Kindle.
3) Go to more MeetUp events, if they fall at a suitable time and in a good location.

It’s only 9 things so hopefully they will happen.

Watch this space


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