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I wanted soup…… So I made soup!

Published January 27, 2016 by theycallmemrstibbs

So I’m getting back to doing parts about food I made.
Sorry but it is a really tasty and easy to make soup.

So here goes.

Parsnip and Carrot Soup

This is a BBC Good Food recipe. Which shows it’s good.


2 large parsnips
2 large carrots
1 litre Vegetable StockCroutons and/or lardons



1) You can either peel all of the vegetables or leave with the skins and chop into cubes. Place in the pan.
As you can see I left the skin this time.


2) Pour the stock into the mix.
3) Bring to boil and leave to simmer for 30 minutes.
4) Allow the mix to cool, once cooled it can now be blended. I used a stick blender but use what you have.


It was nice and smooth with some lumps of veg still in it.

I had it initially for lunch on the Friday with since Italian herb bread.


I finished this dish but had done bread left over.


I waited until after the weekend to have the rest on Monday.

Below is the evidence that I finished it.


The reason I make this is due to it not costing a lot. Even better when the veggies are on offer. The parsnips and carrots were a euro per pack. Also it makes 2 meals as you saw I actually only made about half of the recipe.


Hopes for 2016

Published January 20, 2016 by theycallmemrstibbs

We all have hopes every New Year of what we would like to happen throughout the year.


I think I’m keeping mine simple.

I’ve got places I want to go to.
1) Rotterdam
2) Utrecht (I don’t know what’s there but it’s in this country)
3) maybe Delft

I’ve got places we need to go to. To visit friends from Pasadena.
1) Finland to see Essi, Mikko,Emmi and Milli.
2) Belgium to see Anna, Martin, Noah, Elliot and Lily
3) Glasgow to see Morgane and Matthieu

Things I want to do.
1) Go to the gym at least once a week,  once I start to feel settled it will be more than once.
2) Read plenty of new books for my Kindle.
3) Go to more MeetUp events, if they fall at a suitable time and in a good location.

It’s only 9 things so hopefully they will happen.

Watch this space

Christmas 2015. New Year 2016

Published January 12, 2016 by theycallmemrstibbs

This year we continued the tradition of going to the other parent’s house for Christmas. So this year we went to Christopher’s parents house in Northern Ireland.

We set off on 22nd December to get to Belfast International airport. It wasn’t too early for a change which we were happy about.

The flight went well and we didn’t get our bags checked at Belfast airport. Last time we had our bag checked and all of the luggage messed up.

As usual on the way back to County Tyrone we got food.

I had to adjust my tablet times due to changing time zones. So I would take it at 7.30 rather than 8.30, both am and pm. By the end of the trip I was getting up at 7.10 have breakfast then wait 30 minutes and take my tablet and go back to bed.

The Christmas tree at my in-laws house with all the presents.


Me with my little friend Pixie she loved my knee over the time we were there.

Christmas Day
On Christmas day I got up an actually stayed up as I want sure if what time other people would be up.
We actually did Christmas gifts a bit later than normal. But I was happy with all my gifts especially my one from Christopher, he got me a kindle paperwhite.


I was really happy, I’ve already one full book on it.

We as normal in Northern Ireland went up to Granny’s for soup at lunch.

We then went back down to his parent’s house to relax until dinner time.
Dinner time came around and we had turkey, ham, potatoes both mashed and roasted, carrots, sprouts, peas, stuffing and parsnips roasted.
We were very full afterwards so we decided to wait until later to get some chocolate gâteaux. Which of course we got some.

New Years Eve
New Year’s Eve came around quickly enough.
Unfortunately I came down with a migraine so I went to bed to sleep it off. That didn’t happen. My hearing became even more sensitive than normal. After 2 and a half hours sleeping I thought I should get back up. To at least see the new year in.
I watched Monster’s University with Christopher and Joshua (our Nephew), it finished at like 5 to midnight, so we decided maybe we should go and celebrate with the rest of the family. We watched fireworks over parliament and then Bryan Adams played a concert.

We had a quiet new years day. We then had to get to Belfast airport on 2nd January, we set off at 3.50am. Christopher actually thought about why he’d booked such an early flight, but he didn’t know.
Oh well the road were quiet, of course we got the warnings from my family about the weather sure to England getting the flooding over Christmas. We hadn’t heard of any in Northern Ireland.
We got to the airport very early as expected, but it meant we could sit down and have a cup of tea and a snack so I could take my tablet before getting on the plane.

We got back to Amsterdam early enough. My day back want a case of go home and rest, it was go to the supermarket for food for dinner and milk then you can rest.

A great Christmas was had.