Emmott Arms split anniversary meal

Published August 28, 2015 by theycallmemrstibbs

On August 20th my mum, dad and myself went to Emmott Arms Laneshawbridge for our jointvwedding anniversaries. Unfortunately Christopher was actually in Japan for a work conference. But oh well.

Anyway,  to get back to the point, we went to the Emmott Arms as we are very used to it having live in the same village where it actually is all of my life.

We got that and were very warmly welcomed and asked if we what we wanted to drink, seen as I am on some tablets for my Ms I can’t drink a lot so I asked the barmaid which bitter was good to have in a shandy. She gave me this one.



It tasted really good and was a good choice by the girl who served me.

We got the menus for food and my parents decided that we should have a starter and main course.

For starter me and my dad decided to have black pudding fritters.


Of course it was the best thing ever.

Then for pain course my parent’s both got steak. I got a steak and ale pie.


This was also great.

After we finished I told the owner that I would do a review on TripAdvisor and so a blog post.
All done 😊

Anyway I would recommend anyone to eat there.


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