Our first Koningsdag (King’s Day)

Published May 2, 2015 by theycallmemrstibbs

Yes, we had a public holiday that is only celebrated in the Netherlands. Which celebrates the King of the Netherlands. He is called Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands

Any way,  as you’ve guessed it was a huge party for the whole of the Netherlands which used to be on April 30th, when Queen Beatrice was in power.

We decided in the morning at 9 am to go and see what was happening down in the city.
We were greeted with a drink,


Of the alcoholic variety. But it was free and fair enough it was 9am so we thought yeah why not? 

The marching band “The Band of Liberation” were playing and we both thought they were good.

I wanted to put a video up bit it won’t let me.



Yes they had bagpipers,  so it made it more comforting.
Just by looking around the crowd I noticed a guy handing out free scarfs, so I went and got Christopher one.


But I glanced behind me and noticed someone standing behind us……


This ladies and gentlemen is the Mayor of Leiden.
The Band finished so we decided to go on a wander around as we knew a flea market was on.
It turned out to be more of a carboot sale but we thought let’s look any way.
It was too busy to take pictures, but it was fun.
We decided to go home for lunch before going back for more.

And so our afternoon events started.



We noticed a couple of guys who were cool as cats.


In his bright orange suit.

We decided as they were only playing the Dutch favourite of fame music, that we needed beverages of the alcoholic variety.


So we went for the good dutch favourite of ……


We soon decided when the dance music continued it didn’t matter how much we drank it was still bad music.
So we went home.


You may have noticed the flags all being up.

On the way home we stopped and looked back at where we had been and ohy God the amount of people.


So any way we walked home amd saw on our street people with the Dutch flag up


Any way we got home and decided we needed a barbecue. We only had a  disposable one but it was better than nothing.


We put our burgers on 2 at a time.


Then when they were ready we put the next ones on.


This is the burger all cooked.

We then put the sausages on but the barbecue had burnt out, so we cooked them inside. Oh well.

Holiday over but there’s another one this Tuesday,  then 9 days later and another one 11 days later!  Yay!


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