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Monterey – There and back again.

Published August 6, 2014 by theycallmemrstibbs

As some of you are aware we went to Monterey, Northern California last week. So this is why there was no blog post last week sorry.
Any way to me this was going to be a vacation and for Christopher a conference.

Any way here are some pictures from our journey there the whole 5 hours plus of it.


As you can see masses of long straight road.




And again lots of straight road but also lots of desert, which is all good.





As you can see there was a lot of road and sand but it was all great.

IMAG2688Just so you call know this was our little but big car we had for the whole week.

After  4 days in Monterey we set of home and decided we would go via the Pacific Coast Highway as we thought it would be a great way to see more of the coast. Which with the following pictures you’ll see it was.


wpid-imag2714.jpg  wpid-imag2711.jpg

But as you can see it was pretty foggy, what can you expect at 6:50am though.










As you can see it soon cleared up slightly.


We came off the road to find the waterfall at Pfeiffer Big Sur State park, but we couldn’t find it.

Any way we just carried on.


As we went further south it realised it was getting slightly clearer but still foggy.




As you can see here is an action shot from Christopher.













This was on a way our first view of the beach.











We were both impressed with this tunnel along the coast, so hence the photo.

IMAG2740 IMAG2734  IMAG2741






IMAG2743  IMAG2744
















We got going further down the road and came across the following.


IMAG2764  IMAG2765










IMAG2766  IMAG2767










It was more curiosity that got us both seeing lots of people at a viewing point and wondering “oooo what’s going on here” and the above  was what we found out.


















We could tell we were getting back to Southern California when the ocean got more blue.

IMAG2794 IMAG2798







We actually noticed the journey home was steep, bendy, high-up & foggy.


IMAG2805  IMAG2806











We thought it was a beautiful drive home, which took 7 hours.

Just to prove we did it together here are us.


Complete with the ocean behind us.


My next blog post will about my day out at the Monterey Aquarium.

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