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Caltech VIP Comedy night!

Published May 21, 2014 by theycallmemrstibbs

Yes that’s right scientists they all have a fantastic sense of humour and the majority of the scientists are married to the surprise of most of the comedians.

This was the night we all went expecting 7 standups for $7 but we got comedians from the TV show TMZ.


It was their first night but obviously not their first ever standup gig. They were all so funny.

As you can see this was at the ice house comedy club. If you live in Pasadena obviously you know this is the local comedy club and a lot of famous comics started their careers there.

This is from the outside of club across the road.


From there you go down a back alley to enter I know in Britain we normally class this as a little bit dodgy but hey ho it wasn’t.
From the back alley we got shown through to the VIP area and had special food search of cheese and crackers and watermelon prior to being shown to our section.
We had a very specific area sort of level with the stage as well as it could be so we had a very clear view.


It’s not the first time I’ve been classed as a VIP the last time I was at a lobster festival in LA.
But this time felt more casual and relaxed.


This was how close to the stage we were.


This picture was prior to the show starting.


And the drinks and food menu was very extensive it was difficult to decide what to have.  Bet typical me i didn’t like think i went straight for a Newcastle Brown Ale and why not.

Obviously there was so much been talked about but it was all very funny I can’t remember who I found the funniest or any of the jokes because they were all so damn good.



These are both pictures taken outside the the club at the end with all of the comedians and the two special guests.

I’d recommend going there any time to anyone as it might surprise you, unlike with me where I find tales funny if said in the right way. Trust me they all knew how to spin a tale.


Renegade Terrapins!!

Published May 7, 2014 by theycallmemrstibbs

That’s right folks I did say renegade terrapins. No matter what you think it can happen.
I know we are all used to the below images.




I know pretty and yes great area to read a book it feels like a fairy land. But trust me no fairies.

Any way back to those darn renegade terrapins.
The first one we spotted when we were on lunch next the Millikan library, then I noticed something moving very slowly.
This is what we saw.




She was trudging along 5 steps one way, then changing direction, 5 steps and changing direction again and again and again and so on and so forth. I was getting all worried about her. Then our friend Liz walked passed and asked me why I looked so sad and showed her the terrapin, and as if by magic Liz became Super Liz, she had a small shopping basket with her. So she placed it on the floor and scooped the terrapin into it then took it down to the magic fairy land pond so it had water. Phew!!! Obviously this made me look happier.

Then 2 days later as walking back from the library I saw this.



Again the panic set in until a man explained to me, that the females sometimes leave the pond to lay their eggs to stop others eating them, now it made sense.

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