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Total Eclipse.

Published April 24, 2014 by theycallmemrstibbs

Yes a total eclipse of the moon being called a blood moon happened on April 14th 2014 into the morning of 15th.
We went outside around 10pm to see if it was starting but no luck. We decided to go inside for about an hour just so we weren’t too bored.
We went back out at roughly 11pm when we saw it had all started.



So we sat in our courtyard in the new apartment complex by the pool. Obviously it was a bit late to be using the pool at the time.





As you can see Mars also made an appearance in our picture.





It got to 12.45amand we decided it was time for bed even though it hadn’t turned red yet.
It was a fun night as we actually saw some neighbours.
Unfortunately we didn’t get any pictures of a red moon but we didn’t mind.



Published April 5, 2014 by theycallmemrstibbs

As some of you may already know we’ve had 2 biggish earthquakes since March 17th.

The first was named “the Shamrock Shake” oh so imaginative.
It all start at 6.25am, I was up & showered. I was getting ready to get dressed when the apartment started shaking.
The best thing we could think of doing was stay on the bed & check Twitter as it’s updated so quickly especially if you follow USGS there you get everything straight away.

After the early commotion I decided to go for a small walk to see any damage.







As you can see the destruction was just trees & of course as the USGS office is at Caltech all the news crews were there. Including my favourite KTLA5.

We soon got over it as it was a magnitude 4.3 big enough to jolt but not destroy.

We thought all had settled down, then on March 28th at 9.05pm another more stronger one hit. We were both really tired but as soon as the 5.1 magnitude quake struck it really woke us up. It lasted 40 seconds which is long for an earthquake of that size.

Like I said before we normally check Twitter but this time the news came on at the same time Twitter reported.

We could feel the shake ripple across the room starting with the windows, it then moved to the floor.

We sat watching the news & they went to a Caltech press conference to discuss it in depth.
Whilst they were talking the alarm that Caltech invented sounded alerting of aftershocks. Needless to say the look of sheer panic hit both of our faces. Luckily we felt nothing.

We decided at midnight-ish it was a safe & good time to go to bed.

I went for a walk the following morning & there was no damage to be seen so no pictures.

Needless to say all is good.


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