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I Could Just Fall For Autumn.

Published September 30, 2013 by theycallmemrstibbs

I know I just made the worst pun ever.

But I do love autumn, there’s my birthday, Chris birthday, the leaves falling(well, not so much in California) and the use of one of my favourite words, AUTUMNAL. Also the colours, how could I forget the colours??

Even writing a blog post about it is making me miss British Autumn.

Anyway. the week leading up to autumn had some great autumnal weather.\


IMAG0926(1)On my way back from Fresh and Easy, this was in the last week in Summer.

IMAG1015Look dark clouds but no rain at all.


Then I could see the top of the mountains but where’s the middle??


I really thought we were getting autumn but…..


Wham!!! the sun came back with a wee bit of cloud.

IMAG1027-1You know it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t put a photo of the early morning moon.

I’m hoping for more cloud and possibly some rain, I know there will never be snow, but hey I’m home in March if you could keep a bit for us. Thanks


The Best Things in Life Are Free ….. well nearly free.

Published September 13, 2013 by theycallmemrstibbs

As you can guess just by the title of the post I have had a good period of time where things have been free or near enough free.

It all started on August 20th and it was our third wedding anniversary. We received our cards from our family and inside the one from my parents was $30. With this we decided we should go out for a meal to our favorite place The Hamburger Hamlet. Unfortunately we enjoyed out meal that much we didn’t take photographs, sorry. 🙂
We actually had enough money to pay for the meal all we had to do was put the tip to it.

My next free day was with my friend Marcia we were going to go for a tea or coffee break but her sons started back at school so she had to go and pick them up. She invited me for  ice cream and then a trip to Huntington Gardens. which I very happily accepted. We got on our way to Baskin Robbins after picking her twin boys up.  when i ordered Marcia told me she would pay as I had given her a hand with the boys.


This is quarter back crunch ice cream

After having the ice cream we went to Huntington Gardens. Where I was entertained by Marcia’s Twins telling me Knock Knock jokes.
We had a great day, but sadly it had to end.

The following Saturday came and we found out there would be a frozen yogurt shop opening near our home. This meant for opening day free yogurt, and you guessed it we got a picture of that.


Mine was the left one and Chris’ the right.

The end of our free week was coming, but I still had one thing to do.

I had to go to a Bye-Bye Angie Barbecue. She was moving to Tampa in Florida. IMAG0802



Well that was the end of our fun free week.

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