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The Pink Attacks again…

Published July 26, 2013 by theycallmemrstibbs

As some of you may know from when I was younger, I had a habit of dying my hair all sorts of different colours. Be it purple, red, pink, blue and dark brown.  I don’t have many pictures of that here. So sorry, you’ll have to have new pictures.

I decided after having a pink hair dye for over 18 months, that I should use it. I checked it and as I thought it was out of date. I did check on-line and it said it would be fine to use nut it wouldn’t last as long as normal, I just thought hey ho, never mind.

So I had Christopher help me select some hair. I went to the bathroom alone to apply the dye. with apply I mean to my hair, the counter and the mirror. I did come clean. But prior to dying my hair it was an idea to take a picture before hand.



I then rinsed my hair off but had to wait for it to dry naturally as I don’t own a hair dryer.

The results came out like this.





I will say please excuse the hair fluffiness, that’s what happens to my hair in heat and humidity.



Published July 19, 2013 by theycallmemrstibbs

I just thought I should apologise for not blogging as often as I should in the last three weeks.

I have been looking after my husband who has damaged the ligament in his ankle, so can hardly walk.

As soon as he is all better I will be back blogging. But in the mean time I will be working on some ideas  for posts.

Fun at FnEasy!!

Published July 3, 2013 by theycallmemrstibbs

It may not be what many would call fun but Fresh and Easy had a contest on a few weeks ago to find a bright ukulele in all the stores in California, Nevada and Arizona with prizes each day of $200, $100 and $50. It sounded like fun,  so I thought “I haven’t got much to do this week, so why not walk to Fresh and Easy and find it”.

The first clue which is received via Twitter and Facebook was:


061913_bananas_ukulele_clue_300x300Of course  my first thought was “They don’t sell monkeys… so obviously BANANAS”

IMAG0511Day 2 clue came through:


062013_cbtl_ukulele_clue_300x300This made me realize this must be on the coffee aisle.


Day 3 clue dame the next day:


I realized it wasn’t a department I use at all but it was a long shot.


Day 4 clue came the next day, by this point I was getting anxious about getting the clue.




I know the picture isn’t the best but o n well.


Day 5 clue arrived.


I originally thought of the ready-made marinades but no it was here.


Day 6 I received the next clue.

062413_greenthings_ukulele_clue_300x300This did kind of stump me but wiping the floor was a good clue.


IMAG0550Day 7. I was kind of sad for this to be the last day.

062513_bread_ukulele_clue_300x300This is where I found it



Like I said very sad, but I hope they will do something else like this.


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