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Make Music Pasadena.

Published June 26, 2013 by theycallmemrstibbs

As some of you may know we went to this festival last year also. But it was that much fun we decided to go this year as well.

Make Music Pasadena  is basically a free music festival throughout Pasadena, in different outdoors venues.

It was a great day but very hot. We saw Dustbowl Revival, and they were great.



IMAG0464As you can see very well attended.

We then walked up through Pasadena from Memorial Park and got some entertainment on Colorado Blvd.

We continued our walk further up into Pasadena and then went to see a band some of you may of heard of We Are Scientists.




And of course like a typical gig we got the tallest person in front of us. He didn’t completely block the view but he tried his hardest.

It got too hot for the both of us so we decided to head home.


Memorial Day

Published June 17, 2013 by theycallmemrstibbs

On May 27, we decided we should do something for Memorial Day.

So Christopher surprised me by text message advising we were going to see the Angels v the Dodgers, for those of you don’t know these are both baseball teams.

I got all excited thinking we were going to the Big A, which is the Angels ground. But I was advised that this game was at the Dodgers ground. Which in a way is easier as there is a train and then a bus to the ground. Rather than hiring a car.

So we went to the stadium a little bit early so we could watch the Angels warm up and get a picture of us.


IMAG0434Then to make it more appropriate they brought out Veterans to bring out the biggest US flag.


To go along with all of the excitement they had Buzz Aldrin throw out the first pitch.

IMAG0440The picture above is him being interviewed before the game.

Then it was Time for Dodger Baseball.

IMAG0454We were sat very close to the edge of the stadium so I could get the picture of the sunset.

Of course as usual with the Angels we were winning and then the Dodgers turned it around. So in the top of the 9th we decided, like other Angels fans, that we should go for the bus back to Union Station.


Even though we lost it was still a good evening out and we came to the conclusion we are Angels bad luck charms, as we have now seen them 3 times and they have lost in each game. 😦

The Caltech International Spouses FREE day out

Published June 3, 2013 by theycallmemrstibbs

Yes, I said it was a FREE day out, at the Arboretum.

We had lots of fun, and it all started by us being greeted by several peacocks. Which is always a good way to start you day.


1369178848After our great welcome we decided we should start our walk around the Arboretum.

A lot of a our group were amazed at the little number of plants in flower at this time of year, I thought it was just basically due to the types of plants which had been planted. But either way it was a beautiful day.

IMAG0419With wonderful waterfalls/features.


IMAG0406I know this is mainly pictures but I thought would rather have pictures and not lots of me explaining it poorly.


Another peacock and peahen.









I had to giggle at the this sign in the shop.

Like I said it was a great day which was enjoyed by all, if you can you should go on the third Tuesday of the month as it is free admission.

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