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Caltech International Food Fair

Published May 22, 2013 by theycallmemrstibbs

Each year there is an International week at Caltech, with different events which range from Chinese and Japanese calligraphy, tea tasting (which I always enjoy) and the week ends with a food fair, with dishes from many countries. The International Spouse Club had 5 dishes this time.

From Japan, China, South Korea, Russia and France.

We all spent time in the morning and days leading up to the food fair preparing the dishes.

I helped prepare the Caviar Sandwich, and of course we had to test them and they were very nice.

IMAG0321Above is our table of food.




IMAG0323My plate of food, which all was great, including potato stuffed bread, samosas & madalines.

A really good day was had and with all your can eat for $5 it was a complete bargain.


Another Geeky Kinda Date day

Published May 15, 2013 by theycallmemrstibbs

We decided it was about time we went to a museum, especially after I went to the California Science Centre alone 😦  So we chose to go to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. Mainly to see dinosaurs and it was great. I only had enough battery for pictures of the dinosaurs but it was well worth it!!! Especially when they had a tyrannosaurus Rex called Thomas like our nephew but not as cute.

IMAG0279(1)Above is Thomas, not cute Thomas but GRRRRR Thomas.





IMAG0281This was part we could touch which felt great.

IMAG0274This is a fossil of a Plesiosauria which was pregnant.

IMAG0273And yes I know my legs are sticking out of the mouth but it was in a glass case.






I know this is mainly a lot of pictures but do I need to say much about this apart from AWESOME!!!!

Geeky date night!!!

Published May 7, 2013 by theycallmemrstibbs

Before you all roll your eyes at our geeky date night I can tell you it was very cool. Honestly.

Initially we were going to the Stephen Hawking Public Lecture, The Origin of the Universe. We had our guest, Chris’ granny staying with us, but she said she wanted to go. We knew the Beckman auditorium, only had a capicity of 500, we wanted to hedge out bets on getting 3 seats there. when we got there nearly 3 hours in advance the queue was already REALLY long, so the bets could have been stopped there. But instead we decided hey let’s see if we can get in. So we waited and wait and waited etc, etc, etc. And the queue got longer and longer and longer and longer. We waited until they came around counting people, when they got to us they were at 470 people, with a chance of more than 30 people having tickets, we decided we can’t make granny stay there for any longer, so we headed home and got the biggest surprise.


This was the length of the queue and we had been stood where the little, well big, yellow X is. so it looks like there was no chance of us getting.

However, it turned out that there was another lecture on the Wednesday for Post-docs and students. On the plus side they could have 1 guest.

In the morning of Wednesday April 17, I had another task at hand, I had to escort Granny to the airport, check her in and get her assistance. I very easily completed this mission. The next mission could have been more tasking than the first. I had to get back from LAX  ON…MY….OWN!!!!!!!!

So I sucked it up and got the LAX flyaway bus to Union station, where I got the Gold line train back to Pasadena. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED and I didn’t get lost, but I think I had a lost look on my face as people kept asking me if I was OK and then directing me to the bus or the platform. 🙂

I was told I had to be back by 3pm, my train arrived in Pasadena at 2-ish, so I casually walked down to South Lake Avenue and got some lunch, well Rubios, and then walked to Caltech to have out GEEKY DATE NIGHT!!!!!

Of course again there was a very big queue just not as big as the night before.


We both got in VICTORY and needless to say we were very excited. There was an introductory speaker who advised that Professor Hawking had already composed the talk and that this should include some of his humour which had been well spoken about.

He discussed as with the night before The Origin of the Universe. I found this a very interesting talk, but apparently the guy in front of us didn’t and fell asleep and snored merrily away. Thanks pal. Even though you did look rather embarrassed when  you were woken up, he-he.

We were advised that the Beckman auditorium does not allow photography, however at the end we were advised we could talk photos as Professor Hawking was leaving.


Great afternoon was had & truly geeky like all of the best things in life.

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