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Rock’n’Roll Sunday

Published February 21, 2013 by theycallmemrstibbs

February, 18 was the Pasadena Rock’n’Roll half marathon which was passing by our apartment building, so we thought we should go out and watch for a wee while, whilst some of the runners and even walkers came past.

We found out from a flyer that was delivered that there would be a band playing on the Caltech lawn, so we thought were not that far away so lets watch the band.

We went on our little walk to Caltech to watch the band and runners. This is a good combination. Listening to covers of classic rock songs and runners, wearing tutus, skirts and what ever they feel like wearing go by. A lot of them dancing as they went past the band.


We stayed until it was time for Christopher to get ready for his usual Sunday football/soccer game, then we decided that we had to go home as we saw the last runners come past.

I managed to get some pictures from twitter as people crossed the finish line.





Even a group of Elvis' ran and stuck together. Now that's team work.

Even a group of Elvis’ ran and stuck together. Now that’s team work.

To round our day off I went to watch Christopher and his football/soccer team play.

Believe it or not VICTORY!!!! (for the 3rd consecutive match) they won 7-1. Great game.


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