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Fashion via science.

Published January 28, 2013 by theycallmemrstibbs

Last week we had the great opportunity to listen to design Alicia Hardesty from Project Runway, and being the Caltech Women’s Club publicity chair it was up to me to make the event known within the Caltech community. This was a joint venture for a change with the Center for Diversity, so I was asked by our website chair if I would advertise this for both the Women’s Club and the Center for Diversity, which I did.

Before I started I thought it would only be fair if I contacted the designer @originaltomboy on Twitter first, which Marcia thought was a great idea.

The plan was to actually speak to her at the event but it was very well attended by undergrads, grads students, post docs, faculty and wives like myself and Krug the Thinker


Above is Marcia Brown from the Women’s Club (CWC) Introducing Alicia, sorry I know the picture isn’t very good, but it’s still a picture.

Alicia was greta she talked about how her love for fashion developed and some of the things that she first started doing, for example falling in love with Vogue magazine (and to be honest who wouldn’t) and cutting articles and images from the magazine and then pinning it to her bedroom walls.

She advised the strangest thing that happened to her was being called trendy and her reaction was kind of like, “well, that’s not what I was going for,  for those of you who know me it sounds a lot like me. Considering I’m known for buying things at the end of the season and holding on to them for a couple more seasons then starting to wear them. When it comes back into fashion I could then try to convince people I made that trendy, haha yeah right like anyone would believe that. Plus I’m not one for being trendy, comfort is how I roll.

Anyway, enough of me back to Alicia.

She showed us her fashion Bible which was given to her by a friend when she started her studies.


She then went onto say how she had met a Caltech Student on a South Western flight from New York and they got talking about his work and her work as a designer. Then it came to pinnacle that she would like to do a clothing line science based. She came up with the name  She got this name from the image on her label for Original Tomboy, the squared acts as the science part and the X from her label the Northern Kentucky routes of the line.


She showed us how she was creating a Wabi Sabi feel to the line for example denim with petina zippers, as it shows that objects become more beautiful with age.

We were also shown how to play safely with bleach, t-shirts and lab coats (now that’s an unexpected combination)



She also showed us how an Original Tomboy dresses, jeans-wise. Kind of like mens jeans, looser fitting, higher waist/hip and deeper pockets.


The night ended with her showing some of her newest pieces and a raffle draw which I didn’t win. 😥


Anyway a good night was had by all.


Public Holiday Weekends a la Tibbs

Published January 22, 2013 by theycallmemrstibbs

well as you can tell this weekend was followed by a public holiday, Martin Luther King Day so we got a long weekend. We chose to rest on Saturday as I have been ill with a bad chest and cold, however on Sunday Christopher had a football/soccer match for his team at Caltech, the Cataclysmics, great name right???

So as their only supporter I went to the gym and then went to support them. They don’t usually have subs or a full team, but lo and behold I got out to the pitch just as it was starting and I counted 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 oh wow 10,11,12,13 players, was I imagining this??? I checked with Sebastian he said that they had managed to get 2 or 3 new players, he didn’t know how and didn’t mind how either. But regardless of the amount of players they were playing the baby team of The Undergrads. To make things worse some of them played on the Caltech soccer team. We (the Cataclysmics) had one advantage matching kits.






With me being the only person who watches them play I am also the person who gets Ice for injured people or water if needed.

Anyway the first half went well pretty much both teams on a par with each other, but the second half started and it was kind of all change. They took more possession and scored goals. to cut a story short they won 3-0. 😦

Seen as it was a public holiday and no work for Christopher on Monday we arranged via out friends Carolin and Ruediger to go to The Congregation.

The main aim was to have one of a couple of last nights out with them before they leave at the end of March.



You may notice a lack of pictures as it turned into a beer and whiskey fueled night. So picture-taking was put on a back burner, plus who wants pictures of 4 people sitting around drinking??

Any way they closed around midnight so we all decided lets go home, by home I mean to our apartment and continue with Scotch.

We tried to teach Ruediger that Carolin as his wife is ALWAYS right. Christopher learnt this which makes me happy and he was teaching the class backed up by Carolin and myself. hehe. I hope Ruediger learnt something.

Anyway at 2:30am we all decided it was bedtime.

The next day we were kindly woken up firstly by Christopher alarm clock, but we fell back to sleep, then by a “lovely” gardener at 7:50am. Come on seriously???

I didn’t feel too bad apart from lack of sleep and the fact that my cold and bad chest came back 10 fold. Regardless of that we both had a relaxing day watching the Presidential Inauguration and then watching Christopher play my game LA Noire.

Whilst he was doing this I had what I dub an old lady hour, I don’t mean having a nap, I mean knitting and having several cups of tea.

That is how a public holiday goes a la Tibbs.

New Year’s Resolutions!!!

Published January 16, 2013 by theycallmemrstibbs

Yep that’s right I’m actually going to try and set myself some goals for the year and stick to them. It’s not like they are going to be anything big and/or adventurous, but they are going to be my goals.

Sorry if these all seem a wee bit boring and self centered, but they are things I either want to try or that will help my health without resorting to medication.

  1. Continue going to the gym at least 3 times a week if my health and location allow it.
  2. Try another new activity at least once. (Not paddle boarding, you all heard about it here)
  3. Maintain an open mind with my health, e.g. If I feel an MS relapse starting to happen take it easy and put things on a back burner. (Which I didn’t do this year)
  4. Try a new dish, either at home or out at lunch once a month. The plan for this month is trying a Vegan restaurant at lunch with my good friend Taura. Will keep you posted.
  5. Don’t cut my hair this short again. (I say “never”, I mean maybe leave it until summer when its hot.
  6. Finish my current knitting project. (It is taking me so long, I started it 5 months ago but my calculations are that if I knit an inch a day it will be finished in 3 weeks.)
  7. Go to the Caltech Women’s club events more often, mainly the  5 o’clock group, the Hiking Club and the Open House evenings at the Athenaeum.
  8. Take more photographs on days out.
  9. Go for a walk behind the Hollywood sign
  10. Go on days out we have never been on (and some we want to do again, Disneyland for example) and will never be able to go on again after this year. (Unless we return obviously)
  11. Go to Hawaii.
  12. Write more Tanka and get published a bit more.
  13. Visit Manhattan beach, Malibu (open to suggestions)

I think that’s enough for now. When most of these are complete I’ll think of more, I may even think of more by the time I’m home.

Slow Christmas

Published January 8, 2013 by theycallmemrstibbs

Sorry I’ve been a bit slow since Christmas blogging, but we had the most relaxing Christmas that we didn’t want to end.

We decided the best way to start our Christmas break was to watch The Hobbit. Seriously a great decision.
Whilst we were on a movie streak we thought let’s go watch Hotel Transylvania, kids film but with a lot of adult humor. Then we thought. Can we get a three peat of good films. So we went to see Seven Psychopaths, very, very funny and Colin Farrell using his actual accent.

Like I said relaxing Christmas and new year.
We started with Christmas Eve eve at our friends, Carolin and Ruediger’s house doing a German tradition Feuerzangenbowle, which is mulled wine with a sugar loaf which is coated in 75% rum and set alight over it. Very enjoyable even though we had enough for 12 people and only 6 of us showed up.

Christmas day!
We were having a small Christmas, just the 2 of us. So we decided to take it easy by having a small lie in, breakfast, presents then Skype our families. We also decided against tradition food we had turkey at thanksgiving, so we decided pork loin chops for Christmas day.
All went swimmingly.

New Years eve & day
Again we decided let’s have a quiet one compared to last years 10 nationality New Year. So just the 2 of us. Watching the New Year celebration on tv and hoping the Rose Parade campers wouldn’t do as they did last year. So bed at 1 am as we were getting up to watch the parade on tv in the morning. But low and behold the campers struck again 5am car horns, air horns and drums. Great to wake up to after 4 hours sleep.
But we managed to fall back asleep and got up to watch the parade.
Christopher didn’t want to go back to work, but did.

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