Our quiet-ish weekend.

Published December 20, 2012 by theycallmemrstibbs

I say quiet-ish as it all started quiet by doing to recycling. Yawn…. Boring I know.

But then we thought we should go shopping as Dr. Tibbs needed some football boots as we were hiring a car, due to our plans for Monday, we thought let’s go to the Santa Anita mall. Something we have never actually done.
It was so easy to get to. Only a 20/25 minute drive.

We hit a slight snag that we took an exit too soon. This actually worked out great we went through a very posh area of Arcadia, very close to the Arboretum, so close that the street had a lot of very large peacocks & peahens, and I mean real ones not statues.

When we arrived at the mall it was so Christmassy.



Complete with carousel & huge tree.

After searching through the relevant shops Old Navy, JC Penney & Sports Chalet we found no football boots. But I did find new shops that could be my new favorites.
We went off to the nearest Dick’s Sporting Goods. Oh what a surprise we found football boots.
So off we went home to rest as Monday we were going to Universal Studios.

We thought we would be smart and get to Universal Studios for opening time. We arrived at 8.30-ish and made our plan of action to start at the far end of the park, with the Transformers & the Mummy ride. We were the first on the Transformers ride and in the first group of people for the Mummy ride.

We considered the Jurassic Park ride but didn’t want to get wet.

Then we went on other 3D rides which were awesome.

We decided it was time for a little wander to take in the “sights”



Christopher with his minions


It’s so FLUFFY!

If you haven’t seen Despicable Me you may think I’ve gone mad!

Needless to say we had a great day


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