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Our Happy Thanksgiving

Published November 26, 2012 by theycallmemrstibbs

It’s finally come around to it our second Thanksgiving…. but it was our first alone.
We had initially decided NO TURKEY for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. But, we caved and thought we should have it for Thanksgiving. Sticking with tradition and all that.

So we decided leading up to the time that we would be better with just a turkey breast as we waster that much of the bird last Christmas with an 11lb bird (which was the smallest we could get).

I found our turkey breast joint at, of all places, Target.

So with the meat being bought we then put our heads together for which vegetables we wanted to have with it. We of course with good ol’  Tibbs tradition had to have mashed potatoes and roast potatoes. Then it came down to which other vegetables should we have?

I opted for swede (rutabaga) and parsnip bake, but I was told to wait until Christmas to make that. With that came the thought of honey roasted parsnips, which always wins with Christopher, peas and carrots. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot, but using 3lb of potatoes for a meal is a lot.
So the meal had been decided.

Next up was to decided a dessert. We could have gone for my usual Pavlova, but again we decided this would be a Christmas thing. So instead a went through a list of far easier desserts that I can make without any hassle and finally decided on blackberry crumble.

And so Thanksgiving finally arrived after all of my planned shopping and preparation.

We put the turkey in the oven not sure of what to expect.

Whilst this was cooking Christopher peeled the spuds and I prepared the dishes for the stuffing, roast potatoes and parsnips to be cooked in.

When the turkey was ready we found we had cooked it the above the temperature which had been suggested, but I decided it was better to be safe than sorry.
once this was out of the oven I then had the all clear to start cooking everything else.

Christopher even carved the turkey for me.

This all went swimmingly. I got the potatoes all mashed up with cream and butter and served it all up.

I know it might not look like a lot but it was more than enough. So we went for a small walk just to settle some  of the food.

When  we got back we decided to watch Punkin Chunkin’. Which is just basically and thanksgiving contest for different types of throwing machines in different categories. Each of them throwing pumpkins or as it was said in the show the punkins.

Part way through we got some appetite back so I decided it was time for blackberry crumble.

it was very yummy.

Even though we didn’t get as big of a turkey as previously we still had a lot left to eat so we decided the best way to finish it was sandwiches, quesadillas and curry.


My Spacey Wacey day out

Published November 14, 2012 by theycallmemrstibbs

Here is my day where, as I call it, I geeked it up.

It all started by Chris doing some public outreach work at Science Fest, held at the California Science Center. He was there from early morning so I thought it would be good for me to have a look around the Science Center.

Of course the first thing I did was go for tea, then it was time to go around the center.

The one section I will be blogging about in this post was the Space and Air exhibit.

This had both reproduction and original space capsules and a Mars Rover. I did have lots of fun  going around this and for a change I wasn’t the only adult.

There was a piece of meteorite which I found very cool.

Then it was off to Science Fest. Not as Rock’n’Roll as it may sound but still wow it was fun. I got to go around and speak to lots of scientists working on new items like a parachute type object which was designed to help create power that will move satellites within space. Also I got lots of posters, stickers, magnets and pens/pencils.

Then I was told I could go and collect stamps from the different sections of the show so I could get a bag at the end of it. It was meant for children but most of the people on the exhibits were very impressed that I had nothing to do with astronomy but I went to support Chris.

I met up with both Chris and Mike Peel as we were then going to look at the Space Shuttle Endeavour.

I won this bag!!! Geeky I know but i love it.

When we got to where the shuttle was being displayed there were a lot of people queuing to go inside all with the same excitement as us.

When we got inside we were in complete awe at the shuttle and spent about an hour and a half walking around and taking masses of pictures of it.

Mock-up Mission Control So Cool!!!!!

The tiles underneath

The actual tyres from the shuttle, which we got to touch!!!

Then of course we had to buy something. so a T-shirt and  key ring each it was.

Sorry that this was so geeky, but it was awesome!!!!

This is Halloween……

Published November 6, 2012 by theycallmemrstibbs

Well, we decided this year we should really jump into American Halloween with both feet. Seen as last year we did nothing but hand out candy.

Luckily this year we bought a pumpkin, costumes and we got invited to not 1 but 2 parties.
Our Pumpkins
We decided to start our Saturday night by picking a design, pinning it to the pumpkin and having fun carving.

We also had a small pumpkin which I was given. So I decorated her. She’s called Baby.

Our Costumes!
I decided I could mainly go with my own clothes. My lovely black jagged skirt & spider web cloak from the Gothic capital of Britain, my lacey black camisole and my knee-high work men boots. All I bought was fishnet tights & witches hat, belt & cuffs. I know its strange that I already had the most of it.

Chris decided for party 1. He would go as the one and only Arthur Dent from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Complete with bath robe, towel (because he’s a cool frood) and a book saying Don’t Panic.

Party No. 1

This party was at Carolin and Ruediger’s house and surprisingly we weren’t the first people there which makes a change. It was a good night with costumes, food, drink and costume contests.

A Republican nominee and a tea partier

It was in  walking distance, so we decided not to drink too much so we could take a “romantic” walk home at 2:30am.

The romance died when we passed the Halloween shop and saw it had been broken into so like the good citizens that we are we called the police.
Party No. 2

The plan originally was to stay in on Halloween night and give candy to any trick or treaters, but Chris came home from work on the Tuesday to advise me that we had been invited to his work friend Marc’s house. We could have walked to his house but it was nearly 2 miles away, so we decided to get the Arts bus there as it stopped at the end of his street.

Our Costumes

I decided for this party as no-one had seen me at the other party I could re-use my costume. However, Chris decided he wanted an actual Halloween costumer with face-paint and everything, so I had to make a trip to the Halloween store and $25 later I came back with a set of face-paints complete with latex to texture his skin as he had decided that he wanted to be Batman’s arch nemesis Two-Face.

I was very impressed with my make-up skills even if I do say so myself.

The Party

When we got there we were the first people there which did not surprise me.

We were told it would be good if we could help with trick or treaters, we both were happy to help with this as were the other guests. We all took it in turns to answer the door and hand out candies and activate the falling spider onto the trick or treaters. We even got some older trick or treaters doing a dollar or better trade trick or treat. They came to the door with a butternut squash and Marc traded them a lazy Susan for it.
Some of the little trick or treaters were so cute we even got a 6 month old baby dressed as Snow White, her mum said she only wanted to bring her to show how cute she is. It was very true.
After we started to have fun with trick or treaters it was decided that food was a must so we got carry out from a Thai restaurant in Pasadena called Daisy Mint . It was very good.

After the scrumptious food we were told that a board game had been brought called Betrayal at House on the Hill

Basically we split into teams and collected things as placing the rooms to build the house, then someone must roll the dice to see when a haunt is activated, once the haunt is activated a card is drawn to find out who the traitor is. Surprise in this game the traitor was our character and we had to read how we can win the game. in this case we controlled vines which we would move around the house to capture the other players, then we would have some “fights” with them and if we won then the vine could drag them back to where it originated and turn them to mulch. Yep I said it MULCH.

We realized maybe we had picked a weak player as his might was not very strong, but with the dice and vines we managed to mulch a couple of characters, but Oh No! we got into a “fight” with one of the characters and this decreased our might so much we died but hey-ho we still had the vines which would control themselves.

They slowly started picking people off for mulch and we started winning as the vines. It got to a stage where we only had one person left to beat but she knew it was inevitable we would win so she sacrificed herself.

VICTORY was ours on the first time of playing.

Needless to say our Halloween was fun. I hope everyone else had that much fun.

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