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Taste of South Lake

Published October 22, 2012 by theycallmemrstibbs

Sorry I know I’m a week late with the posting of this but we went to a food festival on South Lake Avenue on October 12. I just haven’t had any spare time to blog about it.

Firstly this is the second year we have been able to go to the event so we had past experience of what to expect and secondly, I couldn’t take too many photos as it was rather busy.

So here goes.

When we got there we were amazed at how many people were there, so to weigh it all up we decided to go for a little wander to have a look what was going on. We started the walk with handing our details over to go into a free draw for masses of prizes and we got 2 new shopping bags, which is always good.
We found out which of the restaurants and eateries from South Lake Avenue, Pasadena and the surrounding area had stalls this year the list is as follows.

Needless to say it’s a very extensive list. We obviously did not try all of these, as that would have been way too much to eat. We did try The Corner Bakery Cafe, Wahoo’s, Rubio’s and a few others. All great.

I then found the stall for South Lake Farmers Market, who had a draw for a free pumpkin every hour. Which I didn’t win at all. But because I had gone back for the draw they gave me a baby pumpkin, which will be used over Halloween.

After the excitement of the draws for other prizes, again which I didn’t win they had bands on.


We listened to the first whilst we walked around the market, however, we both knew we had heard of  Dustbowl Revival, either it was from Make Music Pasadena or the last food festival on Lake last year. So we stayed around to watch them. To describe the band I’ve taken a little snippet from South Lake Avenues advertising for the event. They classed them as “A rowdy Venice-based roots collective that skillfully mixes New Orleans swing, mountain bluegrass and jug-blues into a lethal Americana cocktail.

And here are the photos to prove we did stay to watch them.

After all the excitement that put a great end to my birthday week and we too tuckered out to do more.


My Happy Birthday.

Published October 10, 2012 by theycallmemrstibbs

As you can guess it has been my birthday October 8th, so I decided that as my friends family and life span over two time zones I could take advantage of this so i had a thirty-two hour birthday. However, to warm my self up for this I decided to spread activities over a few days.

Thursday – I went for my hair cutting and styling, thanks to the lovely folk at Groupon this only cost me $29.99 instead of $110.00.

Saturday – I went and did a wee bit of birthday clothes shopping at Macys. I managed to get a dress, a pair of capri pants and a pair of what I’m classing as pedal pushers for $55.00 instead of $165.00. Then i decided to go with both pairs of trousers I needed some vest/tank tops so I hit the Walmart website and again got 6 tops for $14.00 instead of $22.00.

So needless to say I think I saved myself a pretty penny on all sorts of things, and then came my actual birthday which I thought I could just spend relaxing as I shopped and styled before hand.

36 hours of turning 28!

To start off with it was Columbus Day and Canadian Thanksgiving on my birthday so lots of celebrations going on.

I woke up to a great email from Forever 21 advising that due to Columbus Day shipping was free until midnight, so I grabbed the opportunity to order the dress I have been eying up for about 2 months, and it was on sale. instead of $29.80 I ended up paying $13.99. This was a great way to start my birthday.

After this I decided that was enough spending. So I decided the relaxing could start.

In the evening I had already decided instead of gifts my delightful husband could take me out to dinner at The Counter. I had heard so many great things about the place from Cameron, that her and her husband had been and they do burgers of all different sizes, so I thought hey why not its only my birthday once a year.
We got to The Counter to the great news that we had arrived during happy hour $2 off the beer and half price appetizers. We thought we were in heaven.

So of course we started the evening by getting a beer called Raging Bitch.

Then we thought we should look on the menu, as we had been told previously it was a design your own burger restaurant.

  This was the great way you ordered your burger so it had on exactly what you wanted.

We also decided that we should get a tray of fries as they are always needed with burgers so we got sweet potato and regular fries.

You can kind of tell the photo was a nearly finished kind of thought.

Then our fantastic burgers arrived.

Christopher’s was a 1/3 lb beef burger, well done, with Swiss cheese and bacon. served with hot wing sauce.

Mine was a chicken breast 1/3 lb, with herb goats cheese, black olives and onion strings on wheat bread. Served with tzatziki sauce.

Needless to say we both thought it was going to far to much for little ol’ me. But nope I finished it and wanted to more.

So we decided that seen as it was my birthday we should have a dessert. We got a hot caramel and chocolate brownie, there are no pictures of that.

Then it hit us on the way home “how much we actually had just eaten”

But a great night was had by both of us.

Day Tripper!

Published October 2, 2012 by theycallmemrstibbs

Here’s the story.
We went to Santa Monica on Saturday (29th Sept) for a day out to go paddle boarding with our friends Liza & her husband Kostia. We sent off at 9.30am to beat Carmageddon (closure of 405 freeway) this was a doddle.
When we got to Santa Monica we met up with paddle board instructor and he gave us our wet suits.

Sorry no pictures of that.

Any way he took us all down to the ocean edge and then it hit me

“Arrrggghhh I have to go in through the surf, can I do that?” Liza also had the same thought.

Kostia was the first to go, he made it look so easy.

I was next. I got going out through the surf then hit hit me. A big wave I mean. I brushed the first one off. But, the second, third and fourth came pushing me under and going up my nose, then the panic kicked in. I apologized to the instructor he said it was fine. So I made my way back to the shore.
Dr. Tibbs was next. He got going paddling with his hands and then suddenly he progressed and knelt up using the actual paddle. Liza & I watched as our husbands went further out towards a buoy that was the meeting area out in the ocean. Whilst we stood there paddling in the pacific chatting but keeping an eye out to sea.
After about an hour of watching we saw them heading back and moved down the beach to meet our beloved husbands.
Chris came in on the surf after taking surfer advice to kneel back into the waves and it would bring him in. He looked so cool if I do say so myself.
I went and helped him in with the board & paddle. We went down to the ocean so we could talk deeper than just the typical day at the beach stroll.

After finishing at the beach & getting changed we went for a walk along the ocean front.

We got a great view of Santa Monica pier. the picture above was taken a year ago but it still looks the same.

The we moved around the Promenade on 3rd and saw the dinosaur trees. From there we went along to Santa Monica mall and got crepes for lunch.

After lunch we decided we should go for a small walk back to the car to be able to head home so I got snap-happy again.


And so ended our day trip to Santa Monica, I think needless to say a great day was had even if I didn’t go paddle boarding.

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