Why Real life is like Disney life.

Published September 10, 2012 by theycallmemrstibbs

I didn’t used to believe that Disney life even existed but I was wrong.

Of course there’s the parts that don’t exist in everybody’s lives and then the things that exist in nobody’s lives.
Then there’s the parts that have the potential to exist in everyone’s lives.

Lets starts with the parts that exist in nobody’s lives.

  • Witches
  • Sea witches
  • Underworld gods
  • Demons

I don’t think I need to explain any of that.

Then there are the wicked stepmothers who want you destroyed because you’re either the fairest in the land or because you were daddy’s little girl.

                                  Also here’s a hint don’t ever eat beautiful shiny red apples whilst she is around.

Even if it is an old lady who gives it you.

I think that’s enough of the bad people that may or may not be in your life. Like I should have said I have nothing against stepmothers.

Then we have our friends, conscience and fairies. Like in real life we all have our groups of friends who will do any thing for you.

Whether it is pull you from a Hunny pot.

Or help you find your footing in a world where you are all alone.

Then we have our friends that are going through exactly the same things in life.

Look after you when the wicked witch is hunting you down because you’re the fairest of them all you will always have those 7 friends who will watch you regardless even if it means making that glass casket for you.

Then there is your friend who persuades you not to do the things you will later regret in life.

                                                       And of course the fairies who make it possible for you to get the impossible done, or in other words your sheer determination.

Now here’s the good point that should happen to all of us.

We should all find our prince charming, I don’t mean literal prince, I just mean that one person in our lives that makes us feel happy, special and truly loved.

Then you can live happily every after and find your Disney castle.


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