7th Anniversary weekend.

Published August 28, 2017 by theycallmemrstibbs

Some of you may be aware I had been collecting coupons to get the offer of buy one three course and get a second free from Albert Heijn. I got this last year and was really hoping I would get the chance to have this again.

So obviously when the opportunity came up to get them again I changed my shopping habits and did half of the shop there instead.

When I got them we looked through the website to see where we could go. There was a large selection but we decided as we had been to the ones in Leiden that were included we would go to The Hague.

We decided we would go for a curry based on reviews. We thought we should go to Indian Bay Dreams. It sounded great and had seen great reviews.

Christopher had heard that the beach in The Hague was really good, so we decided we should go for a walk before meal.

We worked it out that we would as normal get the train to The Hague then the tram to the coast.

The beach was breathtaking.

We are going to try and go again as the sand looked so clean.

I was impressed there was an old tram there.

We decided after going for a small walk around the shops and realise that they were way better there than Leiden.

So we went to the restaurant a little early but they were fine with that.

The restaurant was really nice.

We were given the menu even though we had already thought of what we wanted.

Firstly we were given poppadoms with three dips, which were fantastic. Then we got our starters, I got mixed Pakoras and Christopher got Chicken tikka bites. But they looked so good I forgot to take a picture of them, but the bottom picture was when I remembered to take it.

For our main course we decided to get butter chicken and chicken korma with a garlic naan.

The food was amazing. I know I say that a lot but it really was.

Our desserts came even though we were very full. Christopher got vanilla ice cream and I got gulab jamun as my friend Anwara from an old job used to make them.


The death of our Museumkaarts.

Published August 16, 2017 by theycallmemrstibbs

It was a very sad day for us. We’d had a Museumkaart for 2 years. This got us into the majority of the museums in the Netherlands at no extra costs.

So we decided to go to one museum that changes every time we go. Of course that was Hortus Bontanicus, the gardens in Leiden. It is such a beautiful place to go to and very relaxing.

I found this plant which I found beautiful.

I know this sounds crazy but Christopher is hiding somewhere in this picture below.

Yes he was hiding behind the huge vase.

We then saw this heron in the river.

We saw a perfect photo opportunity. Showing how relaxing this place is.

We will miss this beautiful place of course but we knew were only going to be here for 3 years and at the end of September those 3 years finish.

AHOY,  Rotterdam. 

Published July 2, 2017 by theycallmemrstibbs

No, I’m not turning into a pirate.

This is the name of the arena where we saw my Christmas gift from Christopher: It was  tickets to see Blink 182, their support was SWMRS and A Day To Remember. I have put the videos of the bands so you know what they are like.

But the big day came.

Above are small images of Blink 182.

The image below is just as Blink were starting.



Mark Hoppus doing his thing. Yes that thing is ROCKING and being totally cool.


More from Mark above.


Above is the most AWESOME drummer Travis Barker and their new vocalist Matt Skiba. I know what you’re thinking about Matt’s trousers. No not that he’s the Hamburgler but that they are so cool and he doesn’t care what people think.


Mark doing a bit of dancing there.


Matt doing the cool guitarist jump.

Needless to say this was a great gig. I know I said this after the Hollywood Bowl concert on my birthday 2011, but this felt different. That could have been due to actually sitting for a concert. However, I’m glad we did. I don’t think my MS would have liked me standing all night. We were stunned that unlike LA no-one in the seats stood. We were expecting the be blocked by people but no. Which was like phew.

Of course they played all of our favourite songs both old and new. From all albums.

Of course we got pictures of ourselves.


Here’s me getting all excited with the people behind me thinking “she’s mental” but oh well.


Here we are in our matching t-shirts. We don’t care as we won’t both be wearing them ever again on the same day.

I thought I should mention that some of the images were acquired via Twitter from @rotterdamahoy and @robertnoise.

Fun at the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam 

Published June 7, 2017 by theycallmemrstibbs

Sorry,  I’m a little late with this. But we went to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam as I had been wanting to go for a while. This was due to a Rembrandt printing I had heard so much about,on QI. A great way to hear things. 

We love huge Hollywood style sign. 

The top picture is a copy of the painting The Nightwatch. This was the one I wanted to see. 

The top right picture is a self portrait of Rembrandt. 

As you’ve probably guessed, the vast majority of the paintings there are by Rembrandt, Frans Hals, and Johannesburg Vermeer.

The top painting on the left is of Mary, Princess Royal and Princess of Orange and her husband William of Orange. They were young but this was an arranged marriage. 

This is the library at the museum, I found this magnificent. I’d love to explore a library like this. 

Finally the original painting, The Nightwatch and me. It is a slightly altered painting as it wouldn’t fit in through the door. So they cut it and placed it in the frame. If you compare this painting (ie the original) to the copy shown earlier, you can see the parts of the original that were cut off. The painting was so crowded with a security guard. 

With having seen so many Rembrandt’s and Van Gogh’s we’ve gotten very good at identifying them.

Cool Japan Exhibition. 

Published May 5, 2017 by theycallmemrstibbs

We saw an interesting exhibition advertised on sign posts. After looking it up, we found out that it was called “Cool Japan” at the Museum Volkenkunde

The first room we walked into had all of the cool video game characters that we grew up with. 

Then in the next room it had Manga characters. 

Then the Japanese fashion started. 

Even Hello Kitty shoes. 

We then saw some great Manga figures. 

They also had some Retro computer games to play and I won as Rosalina and Luma!

The next room had some Japanese comic books and in typical Japanese style, they read right to left. 

In conclusion, Japan is cool!! 

Astronomy On Tap Leiden 

Published April 28, 2017 by theycallmemrstibbs

Yes that’s right 2 things that are most astronomers favourite things to do astronomy and drinking. 

When we heard about it we got very excited obviously but for the first  one we were out of the country unfortunately. So we said definitely the next one. We heard the date and checked our calendars and we were both free! Yay! 

Some of you may have heard about Astronomy On Tap before, that’s great if you have, if you haven’t I can explain what it is. Basically it’s as I said a meet up of people who all have the common ground,  of being interested in astronomy or doing astronomy as a job. Yes there are seriously cool people who get to do this as a job. 

Anyway back to my topic. 

We got there early enough so we could get me a seat. We arrived just after 7pm  for the 8pm start. 

This is where the event took place. We had never been there before but we thought we’ll try somewhere new. The 2 named ladies are the ones who did the talks. 

The first  was about “The Making of Stars” by Yanett Contreras and the second “Destroying a Star” by Liz Guzman who did her PhD with Christopher. 

It slowly started filling up and then all of sudden Boom! it was full. 

During the talks we got to play Bingo which strangely contained the word Unicorn 🦄. 

Between the talks we did a little quiz on images whether they are on earth or in  space. I can share the results at the end.

Above is Liz giving her talk. 

They were giving away these items. Obviously we came home with coasters lol. 

Anyway back to the quiz you can see the names of the teams we were The Team With No Name. Between us and 3 other teams we got the most right we think 10/10 WooHoo! Because of the tie one member of each team had to go and answer questions at the front of the room. There were only 2 in our team. Needless to say we didn’t win. 😠

However, they were also running a best tweet competition. 

To my surprise I WON! I got a glass with Astronomy On Tap Leiden printed on it. 

We had a great night until we left and it was pouring down with rain I got soaked as I only had a small jacket on. 


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