Total-ish Eclipse 20 March 2015

Published March 24, 2015 by theycallmemrstibbs

We got geekily excited on the lead up in Northern Ireland. Then we got up on Friday morning and it was stupidly cloudy.

Needless to say we were sad, sad, sad :|

After an hour of inside, outside trips and it looking like this


It started getting darker as a result of the eclipse starting, so we checked even more until we noticed this


A gap in the clouds. Yay!

So we got into position to watch that small gap.

Until we saw this


The wee sun!






The rest of the pictures all look the same.

These next ones are images my dad took from his work.


These are images of the total eclipse and the moon continuing to move.


My New Geeky Kind of Hobby

Published March 6, 2015 by theycallmemrstibbs

Just lately I’ve started to notice a lot more birds, by that I mean tweet tweet birds, not girls birds.

I’ve been seeing them whilst just walking around Leiden, obviously with there being loads of canals here.

wpid-img_20150303_144732.jpgObviously my friends the geese, they come down our street on the days of bin collection attacking the bin bags.

wpid-dsc_0454.jpg wpid-dsc_0453.jpg

These swans made me laugh as they saw me and it looked as though they though I was going to feed them. Needless to say I just there clicking away at them.


The crested grebe which I pass on the way to the neurologist.


My little coot friend. I was taking pictures and it started to spin around and then it was like dive, dive, dive.

Any way there should be more pictures as the seasons change.

Oh my god, I’ve turned into my dad

A Very Tibbs Valentines Day

Published February 20, 2015 by theycallmemrstibbs

I say that as we don’t tend to do lots for valentines day, why only tell each one day of the year that you love each other.
We still got each other cards so a little tradition there.


My card to Christopher.


Christopher’s card to me it was huge.

On the regards to gifts I did a cheesy gift of a key topped with a heart, so the key to my heart 💜  I also got him his favourite chocolate , Milka with confetti.

He got me


A frying pan, weird I know. But someone sold my tefal pans which I loved , and we hadn’t bought a new one so I was sulking to high heaven.

For dinner as Christopher had a wisdom tooth out we decided just to have Irish stew, I can call it that now as Christopher always helps me prepare it so it has its Irish part in it.


Very small chopped up vegetables.


I precook the meat then add it to the vegetables.


I then added beef stock and then let it cooked for an hour.

But also another Tibbs Valentines thing is, our romantic thing was the 6 Nations England vs Italy and of course Ireland vs France. We really have missed a bit of Rugby Union in California. But we are making up for it in September we are going to the Rugby world cup in Cardiff, the game is Ireland (of course) vs Canada.

The Citadel Leiden

Published February 12, 2015 by theycallmemrstibbs

This is a structure in the centre of Leiden.
The below is from the website.
The Burcht van Leiden is a 20 metres high citadel in Leiden’s centre that served to defend the city. The construction of the hill is thought to have started as early as the 9th century with turf and clay. The citadel has walls that are six metres high and many embrasures. The citadel offered an excellent view of the city and its surroundings so that any approaching threats could be detected and a counter-attack mounted.
These days the citadel is a much-loved attraction in Leiden’s inner city. The entry is free and many visitors consider it an exciting adventure to climb the old citadel. And the view from the top is still as impressive as it was in the past.

Wikipedia said the following too.
At the strategically important junction of the two arms of the Old Rhine stands the old castle de Burcht, a circular tower built on an earthen mound. The mound probably was a refuge against high water before a small wooden fortress was built on top of it in the 11th century. The citadel is a so-called motte-and-bailey castle. Of Leiden’s old city gates only two are left, the Zijlpoort and the Morspoort, both dating from the end of the 17th century. Apart from one small watch tower on the Singel nothing is left of the town’s city walls. Another former fortification is the Gravensteen. Built as a fortress in the 13th century it has since served as house, library and prison. Presently it is one of the University’s buildings.

We had been previously but I hadn’t gone up the stairs the structure.

But these are images from inside by me


You them go up some more stairs inside here to walk around the wall, a bit like Derry city and York.








At the entrance/exit there was this sign.


The Weather Is Confusing Here

Published January 30, 2015 by theycallmemrstibbs

I know I’ve been so used to sunny, sunny, sunny, earthquakes and the occasional spot of rain, all thanks to Pasadena, Ca. But wow with the move back to Europe I was brought swiftly back down to earth.

Anyway this week had been a higgledy piggledy mix of weather. By this week I mean from January 23rd 2015 to January 30th 2015.

Any way it all started off with the strangest weather mixture.





wpid-dsc_0321.jpg wpid-dsc_0312.jpg


As you can see can see we got up and walked to the station and it was very,  very foggy.

So i settled myself down for the day to read and crochet. Then i turned to look out of the doors and i noticed that the fog had cleared look at the following.




Needless to say i was like “what?!?!” So as normal I took myself off on a walk.

Then an hour later this happened again.

wpid-dsc_0319.jpg wpid-dsc_0313.jpg

Yes that’s right the weather couldn’t make its mind up.

Then yesterday whilst I was sat recovering from the dentist it started to hailstone, and I thought “Oh, here we go again”


Then it started to snow, to that I started to panic as I was supposed to go to The Northend pub for a trial at a job. But it was ok I got an email to say it would have to be put back until next week.
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New hair

Published January 15, 2015 by theycallmemrstibbs

Yes that’s right I trusted another hairdresser other than Shirl to cut my precious hair.

So I decided to go to the hairdressers Christopher had been going to,  I thought he’s happy going there so I’ll try it.


Sorry there is no website for the hairdressers.

Anyway,  my hair was fluffy before the cut.


I know I’m not smiling but I want happy about having my hair cut.

After meeting Lana (I think that’s her name)  I was more relaxed.
Anyway,  I had my hair washed and head massaged then the time came to have my hair cut.

We seemed to get along very well, as in chatting getting along.

I actually did something to my hair is don’t normally do i had a layer put in. Only 1 but it was worth a chance.

She realised that I don’t heat style my hair so she just put a curling creme through my hair.


I had to explain why I was taking a picture of the cut off hair and Lana liked it. You can tell by the amount of hair that is on the floor the difference in length for the between the layer and my normal hair isn’t a lot but it works well with my curls.


Like I said not loads taken off but it really helped it style properly.
I’ll be visiting Lana again for my hair and she does eye brows too.

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