Monterey – There and back again.

Published August 6, 2014 by theycallmemrstibbs

As some of you are aware we went to Monterey, Northern California last week. So this is why there was no blog post last week sorry.
Any way to me this was going to be a vacation and for Christopher a conference.

Any way here are some pictures from our journey there the whole 5 hours plus of it.


As you can see masses of long straight road.




And again lots of straight road but also lots of desert, which is all good.





As you can see there was a lot of road and sand but it was all great.

IMAG2688Just so you call know this was our little but big car we had for the whole week.

After  4 days in Monterey we set of home and decided we would go via the Pacific Coast Highway as we thought it would be a great way to see more of the coast. Which with the following pictures you’ll see it was.


wpid-imag2714.jpg  wpid-imag2711.jpg

But as you can see it was pretty foggy, what can you expect at 6:50am though.










As you can see it soon cleared up slightly.


We came off the road to find the waterfall at Pfeiffer Big Sur State park, but we couldn’t find it.

Any way we just carried on.


As we went further south it realised it was getting slightly clearer but still foggy.




As you can see here is an action shot from Christopher.













This was on a way our first view of the beach.











We were both impressed with this tunnel along the coast, so hence the photo.

IMAG2740 IMAG2734  IMAG2741






IMAG2743  IMAG2744
















We got going further down the road and came across the following.


IMAG2764  IMAG2765










IMAG2766  IMAG2767










It was more curiosity that got us both seeing lots of people at a viewing point and wondering “oooo what’s going on here” and the above  was what we found out.


















We could tell we were getting back to Southern California when the ocean got more blue.

IMAG2794 IMAG2798







We actually noticed the journey home was steep, bendy, high-up & foggy.


IMAG2805  IMAG2806











We thought it was a beautiful drive home, which took 7 hours.

Just to prove we did it together here are us.


Complete with the ocean behind us.


My next blog post will about my day out at the Monterey Aquarium.

I know it’s more food but it’s Pulled Pork!!!

Published July 24, 2014 by theycallmemrstibbs

Yes that’s right whilst the majority of you are thinking “Oh my god she’s obsessed with food” the response is no I just like sharing a good recipe. Sorry if you are vegetarian but unfortunately I have no good vegetarian recipes.

So let’s begin. Below is a picture with all 3 ingredients I use, yes I did say and no I’m not going mad.


You can add onions for further tastes, but I’m making it simple.
I use roughly 1lb of pork tenderloin & 750ml of Dr Pepper.


As you could see there was quite a lot of fat on the pork, so you must trim this off so it cooks better. You can still see a small amount of fat on there but when you cut this into sections for cooking you can trim this even more.


As you can see I cut the meat into three and then slice them in half again, I find it cooks better.

I then pour the Dr Pepper into a pan and add the pork.


You boil this for 2 hours. Yes it one of those dishes where you want to relax but nooo you always get up & check it.


At the end of 2 hours you take it out of the Dr Pepper and place it in a bowl. Then I ask my wonderful assistant Christopher to shred the pork with 2 forks.


The end result is like this ↘


You can then add your sauce I always use barbecue as it feels & tastes right.


You can serve this in anyway you want like in wraps or small bun/baps. We use both.


This time as you can see we used small buns/baps & a bit of cheese.


Thank you for paying attention to me for this.

Pasadena Chalk Festival

Published July 11, 2014 by theycallmemrstibbs

Each year Pasadena has a chalk festival we thought this year we would miss it. But, luckily with the extension of Christopher’s work contract we could actually go to it YIPPEE!!!!

Each year it is at the Paseo and the surrounding area.
We got the bus down to there as it was actually free.

Firstly we just started with a small look around and taking some pictures just so we had record of everything we saw.
Book it soon turned into ” wow look at that and that”. Needless to say our quick journey down turned into a couple of hours, but we still had to be home for the hockey.

Here are some of the pictures from that Saturday.










This was the area where the event happened.



Then throughout the event there was entrainment for kids…..


And for adults.


As I said we had to get home to watch the hockey so overall great day with art, entertainment and the Kings winning the Stanley Cup.

Go Kings Go!!!! Oh wait you already did & won the Stanley Cup!!!!

Published June 23, 2014 by theycallmemrstibbs

Yes that right the Kings were victorious!!!
For all of you who don’t know what the Stanley Cup is read the following.
The Stanley Cup (French: La Coupe Stanley) is the championship trophy awarded annually to the National Hockey League (NHL) playoff winner after the conclusion of the Stanley Cup Finals. Originally commissioned in 1892 as the Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup, the trophy is named for Lord Stanley of Preston, then–Governor General of Canada, who awarded it to Canada’s top-ranking amateur ice hockey club, which the entire Stanley family supported, with the sons and daughters playing and promoting the game. (Courtesy of Wikipedia)

Oh my god neither Christopher or myself have ever been on the edges of our seats as during this.

Game one of the play offs in the west the Kings played the San Jose Sharks.
Unfortunately we lost the first 3 games needless to say I was upset then game 4 came about and WE WON!!!

Not just 1 game but the next 4 games which meant we were through to the next round against the Anaheim Ducks.
The first game came but ARRRGGGGHHH the channel on the cable had frozen and we couldn’t watch it. But yay!! We won!!!!! 3-2.
With this we won the first 2 games and this had the happy feeling was starting.
But then we lost the next 3 games, with that the panic set in.
The next game was full of worry if they were won we go out but if we win we’re still in with a chance. But woo hop we WON!!!
Then came the nail biter game 7. I was scared. But we WON 6-2.

The next round came again at the Chicago Blackhawks who were last year’s Stanley Cup champions, we so had to take them down.
Game 1 came and unfortunately we lost it :-(
But we won the next 3 games which brought the happy feeling back.
Unfortunately we then lost three next 2 games.
The 7th game came around, so it was fingers crossed and all of the other good luck mumbo jumbo. Then it all worked we WON!!!!! We were through to the Stanley Cup final. Oh my god that still gets me excited.
But through the 3 knockout rounds we always went to the 7th game, away from home and won. I think that says it all.

The Stanley Cup felt like it took so long to get here but no it wasn’t.

Anyway I’ll get back to the story.

The first game came and so the nerves started. However we WON!!
Game 2 & 3 we also won. We nearly had the cup.
But then game 4 happened and we lost :-(
Then game 5 came around I was shaking I was that nervous it got to the end of the 3rd period and it was all drawn 2-2. So the overtime (OT) starts. The first period of over time 20 minutes was nail biting enough that I thought if this carries on I’ll have bitten all the way to my elbows. After 20 minutes there was no more score than before.
2nd OT started my first thought was “wow you already played an hour how much longer can you go for”
The it came 15 minutes after the start of 2OT Alec Martinez scored we won the Stanley Cup!!!!
You can watch Martinez celebrate below its too cute.

The team were very happy to say the least.

Derek Sutter the coach at the end of the game.

This is the team on the ice with cup.

Then on Monday June 16 there was a parade of the Kings and the Cup towards the Staples centre.

The lovely Christopher modeling our kings T-shirt it may look as though it was very quiet there but this was like 3 hours before it started.

There was roughly 300,000 people in downtown LA just to see the parade.


A lot of us.


This was the route of it.


Of course the Goodyear blimp was there and Lots of us there.

Then the double decker buses started coming down the street.


image Pool









This is the ice crew.


Can you spot us??


Yep that’s us!!! We were so close.

The kings after the celebrations.


And at the Dodgers stadium.

Overall a great journey and celebration.

Listening to Pasadena Make Music.

Published June 12, 2014 by theycallmemrstibbs

This is from an event called “Make Music Pasadena”. Which is all free music throughout the Pasadena area. We have been going to this since 2011. 

We decided this year due to Christopher’s tendonitis in his ankle, that we would limit the amount of stages we would go to. So we decided to start at Memorial Park.

We got the ARTS bus number 10 for free. I know it’s only 75¢ but still it’s great motivation to use it.
We thought we should take a picture together when we first got there.

When we got there a band called The National Parks were just about to start playing they are a country/rock band.
I really enjoyed watching them, and they kinda got me jigging about whilst being sat down.



They only played 30 minutes but everyone seemed to enjoy watching and listening to them.

Obviously with the heat we sat there drinking lots of water.

The next group to play was Caleigh Chapman another country/rock group from Bakersfield, California.
Again they were good and she had a great voice and her drummer had the best hair ever, and I complain my hair is big.



The next band I knew would be good due to the name Ted Z and The Wranglers. (I’m saying due to the name as Christopher calls me Ted).

They were amazing and had the most jiggley bass player/cowboy ever. They again played country/rock music.



As you can see they also had the best harmonica player.

After this group we decided it was home time as the hockey was on soon. But first we passed the main stage on Colorado and took a photo.

Then as waiting for the bus home we saw the “coolest” number plate/registration ever.

We don’t know if they were an MTV star but still it’s cool.

Free hair styling!!!

Published June 3, 2014 by theycallmemrstibbs

Yes that’s right ladies & possibly gents I got my big hair styled for free.


I know not so big here but this is the day after getting it styled.

OK so the story is……
I was walking down South Lake Avenue after going to the bank when a woman came up to me asking if my hair was naturally curly/wavy of course the answer was yes, as why would I have paid for my hair to be a mess?? She explained she was looking for a model with my type of hair that she could blow out, for those that don’t know that is its basically blow drying your hair straight, which of course I never do.
It was for a place called Drybar. Their website is
It’s really good the first thing they do is offer you a drink be it orange juice or maybe something harder like champagne or Mimosas. Good selection.
They rewashed my hair even though I had washed it that morning. They massaged my scalp and then it was down to business.
It was getting to be relaxing until I asked for some slight curls, as you know that you can never turn your back on your curls, with that it meant more pull which kinda hurt my scalp.
Obviously with it being free they kept trying to sell me lots of products which I couldn’t afford. Saying that I wouldn’t have paid $35 to have my hair styled.

The finished result is here….


And the back which I never see was like….


Over all it was all good.

Caltech VIP Comedy night!

Published May 21, 2014 by theycallmemrstibbs

Yes that’s right scientists they all have a fantastic sense of humour and the majority of the scientists are married to the surprise of most of the comedians.

This was the night we all went expecting 7 standups for $7 but we got comedians from the TV show TMZ.


It was their first night but obviously not their first ever standup gig. They were all so funny.

As you can see this was at the ice house comedy club. If you live in Pasadena obviously you know this is the local comedy club and a lot of famous comics started their careers there.

This is from the outside of club across the road.


From there you go down a back alley to enter I know in Britain we normally class this as a little bit dodgy but hey ho it wasn’t.
From the back alley we got shown through to the VIP area and had special food search of cheese and crackers and watermelon prior to being shown to our section.
We had a very specific area sort of level with the stage as well as it could be so we had a very clear view.


It’s not the first time I’ve been classed as a VIP the last time I was at a lobster festival in LA.
But this time felt more casual and relaxed.


This was how close to the stage we were.


This picture was prior to the show starting.


And the drinks and food menu was very extensive it was difficult to decide what to have.  Bet typical me i didn’t like think i went straight for a Newcastle Brown Ale and why not.

Obviously there was so much been talked about but it was all very funny I can’t remember who I found the funniest or any of the jokes because they were all so damn good.



These are both pictures taken outside the the club at the end with all of the comedians and the two special guests.

I’d recommend going there any time to anyone as it might surprise you, unlike with me where I find tales funny if said in the right way. Trust me they all knew how to spin a tale.

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